Optical design

In this field we concentrate on the design and simulation of systems based on nonimaging optics. Typical systems are optics for illumination, lighting and transfer of light: luminaires, reflectors, diffusors, light pipes, encapsulating layers for solar cells, remote phosphor modules,... There is a close collaboration with the Lighting, Appearance and Photovoltaic Energy research groups at the laboratory.

Optical simulations are performed with TracePro, a commercially available ray tracing software package. However, reliable simulations need accurate physical data as input parameters. Therefore we routinely use the measurement facilities of the laboratory to:

  • measure light scattering by material surfaces (e.g.: BRDF of diffusors, reflectors,...)
  • optically characterize light sources from near field goniophotometer data
  • determine polar curves of luminaires
  • determine surface luminance
  • measure the quantum efficiency of phosphors
  • ...

Presently several persons are working on PhD-projects in this research field.


Illuminantie op een taakoppervlak van een naakte LED
Collimerende lens voor een LED ontwikkeld in TracePro
Illuminantie op een taakoppervlak met de LED/lens combinatie