Interior Lighting

The lighting sector is rapidly changing due to the development and production of high power LEDs. Besides the source, lighting embraces many other aspects such as luminaire development, lighting and interior design, intelligent lighting, architecture and daylighting. A common prerequisite is energy efficiency: better light with less energy. New challenges and opportunities arise for all these aspects. These challenges fit obviously within international trends.

Know-how, confidence in new technologies, guidance on implementation, and stimulating the market are necessary to face these new challenges. The ‘Groen Licht Vlaanderen 2020’ project is aimed at assisting the Flemish lighting companies to meet these basic requirements. The ‘Groen Licht Vlaanderen 2020’ project runs until 2017 in collaboration with WTCB, Technolec, ORI and ArcK (U Hasselt). 

An important characteristic of lighting is the connection between technological aspects and visual and subjective aspects, which determine the experience in  a space, the light atmosphere and lighting comfort. Since brightness and colour contrasts are perceived differently for youngsters and elders, a differentiated approach is called for.

The following topics are investigated:

  • OLED -technology
  • Quality of LEDs
  • Perception of brightness and contrast
  • Glare caused by luminaires
  • Integrated interior and lighting design
  • Impact of lighting control on energy savings