In this section provides a brief overview of the main measurement services we offer. Bilateral cooperation that primarily involve research and development are not shown here, but are also offered.

  • Determination of the spatial intensity distribution of a light source or luminaire (.ldt / .ies file)
  • Determination of the radiant flux (W), luminous flux (lm), efficacy (lm / W), colour temperature (K) and color rendering index of a lamp or luminaire
  • Reflection and transmission of a material or luminaire components (filters, reflectors…)
  • Determination of "rayfiles' of light sources and design of optical systems (reflectors, lenses…)

Other measurement services can also be offered, contact us for more information!

Frédéric Leloup
Laboratorium voor Lichttechnologie
KAHO Sint-Lieven
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
9000 Gent

T: +32 9 265 87 13
F: +32 9 225 62 69


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