Voltage source

When performing light measurements on light sources, it is important to have a stable and controlled electrical supply. The flux can be highly influenced by a variable voltage supply (variations in amplitude, harmonic distortion…). Most norms require a perfect sinusoidal voltage supply with a specific amplitude and frequency for light measurements.

Several controlled power supplies are available in the Light & Lighting Laboratory.

Voltage supply Agilent, type 6813B


  • Maximum ratings: 1750 VA, 300V rms, 13 A rms, crest factor 6 TEST
  • Frequency range: DC and AC from 45 Hz to 1 kHz
  • Possibility to create a specified non-sinusoidal wave form.
  • Possibility to create controlled voltage drops, transients…

More information: Datasheet Agilent 6813B

DC-bron SM120-13 (Delta Elektronika)


The DC-supply SM120-13 from Delta Elektronika is a stable current and voltage supply. The voltage can be set between 0 and 120 V, the current between 0 and 13 A.

More information: Datasheet SM120-13

Elgar CW901P sinusoidal voltage supply


The Elgar, type CW801P (800 VA) is a single phase voltage supply which creates a stable sinusoidal voltage.

More information: Datasheet Elgar CW901P

Voltage supply Agilent, type 6813B
Voltage supply Agilent, type 6813B
DC-source SM120-13
Elgar, type CW801P (800 VA)