Spectrograph with Charge Coupled Device (CCD)

Different spectrometer are available in the light & lighting laboratory.

Oriel Instruments 74055 MS260i

This spectrometer has three (exchangable) grating, which can all be optimized for a different wavelength range. The spectrometer is equipped with a Andor iDUS 420 CCD (suited for the visible spectrum), but can be accommodated with a second CCD. Within the laboratory, an Andor DU490A-1.7 InGaAs CCD is available for measurements in the near-infrared.

The spectrometer offers great flexibility and has no fixed wavelength range or bandwidth. It is i.a. used for spectral radiance measurements, can be connected to the goniometer CIE Type 1, it can be used for spectral radiant flux measurement with an integrating sphere, and in combination with the QE measurement setup.

Ocean Optics QE65000

This spectrometer is compact (18,2 x 11 x 4,7 cm) and equipped with a built-in Hamamatsu FFT-CCD. This spectrometer has a fixed grating, the wavelength range is from 350 to 950 nm. The compact dimensions of this spectrometer allow for measurements on location. The unit is i.a. used for spectral irradiance measurements.

In addition, there are some Red Tide USB-650 plug-and-play spectrometers from Ocean Optics for demonstration and lab exercises.

Spectrometer (74055 MS260i) with CCD
Ocean Optics QE65000