Ray tracing

TracePro®  is a ray tracing software package which can be used for general optical simulations and more specific for the design of luminaires. When a light source and a 3D CAD model of a luminaire are available, TracePro® can be used to investigate the optical properties of the system. To this end, rays are traced through the 3D CAD model, taking absorption, reflection, refraction, and scattering into account.

The software allows to calculate radiometric and photometric data, such as irradiance, radiant intensity pattersn, radiance…

Computer simulations are only reliable if the input parameters are determined sufficiently accurate. In the Light & Lighting Laboratory, a lot of measurement equipment is available to allow accurate determination of these input parameters:

  • Measurement of BRDF and BTDF of materials
  • Optical characterization of light sources, which can be implemented as ‘ray files’ in the ray tracing software. The ray files can be obtained using the Near Field photogoniometers.
  • Measurement of intensity patterns of luminaires
  • Measurement of luminance of surfaces
  • ...
3D CAD representation of a luminaire in TracePro.
Rays traced through an optical system.
Simulated intensity pattern.
Illuminance distribution on a surface.