Spectral response of photovoltaic cells

This setup can be used to determine the spectral response of solar cells. The setup allows the measurement of both bare and encapsulated cells. It is also possible to determine the spectral response of detectors.

The lighting part of the setup consists two light source in one housing: a halogen and a Xenon light source. This allows for measurements in the uv, the visible wavelength range and near-infrared. The wavelength is selected with a monochromator. The incident beam goes through a chopper, which allows correction for ambient light. A bare cell is measured with a cupper back contact and a needle on the front side, clamps can be used to connect the wires of encapsulated cells. The measurement procedure consists of two steps. First a measurement is done with a calibrated reference cell and next the test cell is measured. The setup is equipped to monitor and correct for drift on the lamp output between both measurements.

In collaboration with the colleagues of the research group Energy & Automation, a monitoring of solar panels in real life conditions can be performed and I-V characteristics can be determined. For more information, contact Jan Cappelle.

Spectral response setup